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The Dining Table Beautiful

In the first days of the year, your home will have a delicious and cozy meal, so beautiful and romantic to welcome your guests. Please beautify the dining table according to the simple principles below for a cozy atmosphere during Tet.
Table decoration is one of the factors determining the beauty of the dining space and atmosphere of the meal. Especially during the Lunar New Year, the dining table is an indispensable place for patrons to sip wine and enjoy the delicious dishes of the host. Make the dining corner an impressive focal point in the eyes of your family visitors with these simple rules below.
Principle 1: Choose the bright colors
On weekdays, the color of the table is chosen based on the improvisation or the meaning of the day. However, on the first days of the year, you need to bring a joyful, exciting atmosphere and bring a little luck, fortune to the new year with bright, happy colors.
For those who love romantic style, you can prioritize using purple pink. This vibrant color scheme should be used as a highlight to bring a cozy and passionate beauty to the family’s dining space.
Young families or single girl’s houses will surely love pink. However, to make the colors not too “dazzling” and cheesy, you can combine pink tablecloths with white lace on top.
Whether Eastern or Western, the important days, red is still the preferred color gamut. Therefore, on the first day of the year, when your family welcomes many distinguished guests, “boldly” choose red as a special accent color for the dining table.
The dining table is a bit of a breath of nature, new but still close enough and connecting guests with family members thanks to the clever use of extremely special green.
Principle 2: Indispensable fresh flowers
No matter how elaborately decorated the dining table without the presence of fresh flowers will lack the beauty of vitality and the joy of spring. Therefore, you should choose the easiest flower arrangement or the simplest way to arrange flowers. Tet with hundreds of chaos. The table will be more beautiful and will not make you spend more time decorating with fresh flowers.
Fresh flowers should choose flowers that bring good luck, fresh colors bring joy to everyone when eating.
You can place the foam inside the glass bowl and spontaneously plug some flowers inside. The dining table will be more beautiful thanks to this interesting idea.
A small tip for small family parties in the first days of the year is to use large and decorative flowers along the dining table.
You can also choose vases of the same style, material and size to plug in a flower of your choice. This simple way is still enough to make the table beautiful and elegant in the first day of the year.
Arranging flower arrangements with the same color tone is also an interesting suggestion for the dining space in New Year parties.
Choose flowers of spring, skillfully plug in a glass vase with a ribbon and ribbon in the same color and place in the solemn position of the dining table. The simple way always brings lovely beauty to the dining table during Tet.

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