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Perfect Design For Living Room

Not everyone knows how to properly layout the living room sofa to beautify the important space of the house. The layout of the living room sofa must ensure the artistry, properly, create a neat and aesthetic for living room space. Along Duc Khang furniture refer to 4 living room sofa layouts in the article below.
U-shaped sofa layout
With the layout of this U-shaped living room sofa will fit the living room space has a large area. Arrangement of U-shaped sofa will make the space become luxurious, elegant but not lose the cozy and friendly atmosphere between the host and the guest. People can easily gather and chat. However with this layout you need to choose the sofa with enough tables, chairs, pedestal.
L-shaped sofa layout
This is a fairly common living room sofa layout and is suitable for many living room spaces, from large to narrow living room areas. If the sofa you choose has a bench, a single chair, this layout will be very suitable. L-shaped sofa layout will make the living room space have a connection between the owner and the guest. It also helps to create a warm, connected family member.
Layout sofa opposite
If you want to create a square and balanced space for living room space, this is the layout you should choose. The arrangement of opposite sofa style will help owners and guests have the opportunity to be closer and closer to each other.
Free sofa layout
With this sofa layout you can set and arrange according to your preferences. This sofa layout is suitable for both large and small spaces. You can choose the white sofa sets, and the accompanying products such as pillows, shelves pink, brown, blue, … to make the space become impressive. This sofa layout is suitable for young families, creating space for children to have fun.
Some notes when sofa layout for the living room
When arranging a sofa for the living room, do not place it under the rafters. The placement of such a sofa will make people feel heavy, suppressed, causing feelings of insecurity.
Living room sofa sets should not be placed opposite the main door will affect the good air source, preventing fortune from entering the house.
Do not place the sofa set directly opposite the kitchen area. The sofa in this position will affect the health of family members. If the back of the living room is a toilet, do not place the sofa against the wall.
In addition, when arranging the living room sofa, you should pay attention to items in the living room such as chandeliers or mirrors straight into the sofa, which will cause discomfort for homeowners and guests.
Above we have introduced to you a number of living room sofa layout. Hopefully after consulting this article, you will choose for yourself the sofa layout in the living room that best suits your home.

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